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Every day, thousands of people go about their lives without giving much thought to the origins of the food and material products which they consume or use. Many folks, especially with the benefit of technology and the media, are becoming increasingly aware that a certain amount of cruelty is involved in the production of their purchases.

Fashion, research, food and entertainment industries that utilize animals are not kind to these beings. In fact, investigations have repeatedly revealed an incredible and unbelievable amount of suffering involved on the part of innocent beings who don’t happen to be members of our species, yet are just as capable of feeling pain, fear and misery.   The documentary film, Earthlings, bears this out and should be viewed by every human being on this planet.  Watch it for free at

Since I began dedicating my time to helping improve and save the lives of sentient beings, I have come across many hardworking, devoted and successful organizations that have made a difference to thousands (and hopefully millions) of animals worldwide.

For those who wish to learn about animal exploitation and how they can help alleviate the suffering, just ‘google’ one or all of the following organizations: The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), PETA, In Defense of Animals, the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Born Free USA, Mercy for Animals, Action for Animals, Farm Sanctuary, International Anti-Fur Coalition. There are countless more who work hard to end animal cruelty. Each one of us can do something to help, no matter where we are in our evolution. No gesture is too small and every effort counts.

According to Action for Animals: “Every year worldwide over 50 billion land animals and over one trillion fish and other marine animals are exploited and killed for food. Millions more suffer and die for their fur and skin, for entertainment, or as tools in research laboratories.”

The amount of exploitation and suffering that is forced upon these animals is staggering and hard to even imagine. Faced with such an overwhelming amount of misery and death, many people simply turn their backs, unable or unwilling to acknowledge what is happening to animals. That is why we must keep bringing this harsh reality to the forefront of people’s minds. We can prevent the vast majority of suffering, exploitation, and murder simply by changes in diet and lifestyle. Ultimately, we benefit ourselves as well by improving our health and feeling good about our cruelty-free choices.

Not long ago, I had viewed a video of an undercover investigation conducted on an overseas pig farm. Although this did not take place in the U.S., the conditions at pig farms on our soil aren’t any different. Animals are treated like commodities and worse. They are tortured, brutalized and murdered. Managers at these facilities are aware of their employees’ activities but turn a blind eye. The clip can be viewed at

We permit the exploitation and violation of animals’ rights to a peaceful existence by remaining silent and turning away. We muffle our ears and close our eyes to the reality of their suffering and agony, because we find the truth too difficult to hear, read or view. But our silence and denial do not lessen the anguish, the agony, and the screams of those victims who are tortured, skinned alive, hacked to death piece by piece, burned, experimented upon without anesthesia, or harmed in so many other unimaginable ways.

We have the power to end cruelty by the purchasing decisions we make, our dietary choices, and by letting companies and legislators know that we won’t tolerate the torture and exploitation of animals and that we expect perpetrators to be justly punished. Take it a step further and contact the media; let mainstream magazines and tv stations know that you want to see more exposes of industries responsible for harming innocent animals.

Take some action, but don’t turn your back, resolving that you cannot do anything. Every effort counts and a suffering being is depending upon you and me to help them. They are hungry, thirsty, fearful, cold, hot, dirty, confined, and in pain. They are denied basic comforts that any creature has a right to experience. In the end, after a life of misery, they are even denied a life. We dominate them and subject them to horrific abuse simply because they do not look like us. That’s a poor reason to justify their mistreatment.

– Annoula Wylderich


Since I began learning about all the ways in which society exploits animals, I have changed.  I don’t look at any animal-derived products with ignorance anymore.  Rather, I see and hear the suffering and screams of animals who are being skinned alive for their fur or skin.  I see chimps, rabbits, rats, and dogs being confined and restrained while being experimented upon for cosmetics and household products; the invasive procedures which they are subjected to, without any pain relief, cause them intense agony.  I see their open, gaping wounds and hear their whimpers and cries.

 When I go to the supermarket and pass by the meat department, I no longer see pork chops, ground meat, drumsticks or fish fillets.  I see body parts of other beings who once had lives that they valued as much as I value my own.  I see cows who are butchered and hacked apart piece by piece, while they are still alive.  I see the pigs who are immersed into the scalding tanks, kicking and squealing. . .or the chickens who are dumped into the de-feathering tanks head first in the boiling water.  I see animals who live their entire lives in misery, fear, abuse and deprivation. . .only to be rewarded in the end with a brutal slaughter.

If I see circus ads or other forms of animal-based entertainment, I am reminded of the incredible cruelty that is perpetuated upon these unwilling beings who would much rather be roaming in their natural habitats with their families. . .than tied to a post for up to 20 hours a day, receive regular beatings and be forced to stand on their head.  I remember Stoney, the elephant who was hurt during a circus performance in Las Vegas, and was left behind in a dumpster in back of one of the hotels.  He languished for a year before anyone tried to get him out (you read correctly).  I wondered how anyone could live immobilized like that for a year.  Find out how they “took care” of  him at  In the end, he died from his injuries while being hoisted out of that metal coffin.

When I am hiking outdoors or walking my dog through the woods, I think about all the animals who end up in painful traps – including pets who accidentally happened upon one of these torture contraptions.  So many animals have suffered horribly, many attempting to chew off their own foot to get away.  Exposed to starvation, dehydration, the elements, and predators, they died slow agonizing deaths.  In many instances, the hunters didn’t even bother to check their traps for days, further prolonging the suffering.  Some of these animals left behind cubs and pups, who were unable to fend for themselves. . .collateral damage.

I have to wonder why we allow this travesty and betrayal of animals to continue.  And then, I am reminded of myself before I became aware.  Most good people do take action, once they learn what has been kept from them by those industries that commit brutality against animals.   Some folks become part of the animal protection movement, while others simply do their part by the purchasing and dietary choices they make.

The fact is, we are all connected to one another and to the many other species with whom we share the earth.  The way we treat one another says alot about who we are.  If we are willing to show compassion to ourselves and those we love, then why not extend that to all other living beings who are a part of this life.  This seemingly small gesture makes a big statement about our evolution as human and spiritual beings.

We can all help in the effort to alleviate the suffering of defenseless, vulnerable and unprotected beings by:

Adopting Meatless Mondays – avoid all animal products (including eggs and dairy) for just one day a week.  Go for two or more, if you really care about your health, the environment, and saving animal lives.

Don’t buy or wear any animal-derived fashions.

Don’t patronize entertainment that relies upon animals in captivity or their performance.

Don’t support companies that produce household or personal products based upon animal experimentation.

Adopt, rather than shop for a companion animal.

Report any form of animal cruelty.

Do the research yourself at the websites of organizations such as HSUS, PETA, In Defense of Animals, Mercy for Animals, PCRM, Farm Sanctuary, or Born Free USA.  Sign up to receive their newsletters and email alerts for petition signing.

I appreciate the opportunity to share information with you and to welcome you to a cause that is so worthy of your time and attention.

– Annoula Wylderich